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About Us

Our mission is...

...to advance the practice of human-computer interaction (HCI) by providing HCI professionals with relevant, accurate and timely information on HCI theories, methods, practices and resources. Our scope is to represent the collective knowledge of HCI in a cross-linked knowledge-database.

HCI professionals include HCI practitioners, researchers and educators, usability specialist, user interface designers, developers, technical communicators, trainers, and anybody else concerned with creating beneficial computer-supported activities.

Our View of HCI is...

...that its goal is to create beneficial computer-supported activities. HCI is not limited to making useful and usable computer applications. Computer applications are used in the context of purposeful activities. They are tools that are shaped by our activities and that, in turn, shape our activities. These tools need to support activities that benefit those who are effected by them.

Purposeful activities are not limited to work activities, but also include education, entertainment, leisure, home and any other activities people are engaged in.


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