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Postdoctoral Research Position on Human Computer Interaction
Multimedia Interaction and Smart Environments group (MISE), CREATE-NET Research Institute
Trento, Italy

Position Description:

A full-time two year post-doctoral research position in Human Computer Interaction is available starting on January 2007. The research and development activity will be conducted within the IST European project SAMBA on Interactive Digital Television (iDTV) in collaboration with both European and Brazilian partners.

SAMBA is a two year International Cooperation project led by CREATE-NET and has the objective of creating a framework for allowing local communities and citizens (including low income population) to access community-oriented content and services by means of iDTV channels. SAMBA will also explore the potentials of utilization of iDTV within mobile virtual communities and its possible impact for the creation of future services and business models related to fixed and mobile iDTV market. In its activity, SAMBA will be particularly careful in analyzing Human Factors and usability issues during its whole duration and will set up real on the field experiments which will allow evaluating users' experiences and their social inclusion

Primary Responsibilities:

The post-doctoral researcher is expected to be involved in or responsible of the following:

  • Research activities related to user centered design and user interface prototyping.
  • Usability evaluation and testing
  • Presentation of research results in the form of journal publications, conference presentations and project reports etc.
  • International collaboration with the other European and Brazilian research groups involved in the project.


Successful candidates should have a Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction or related fields with interest in iDTV. In particular, research experience in user centered design, user requirements definition, user acceptance analysis and/or on usability testing are required. Applicants must also have the ability to work independently and interact with other member of the team. Strong interpersonal skills, good writing and oral communication skills are also required.

Please send electronically your resume and publication list to:
Oscar Mayora: oscar.mayora@create-net.org
Cristina Costa: cristina.costa@create-net.org


Received: 31-Oct-06