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Senior Interaction Designer
Satis Superque Merce BV
Leiden, The Netherlands

Satis Superque Merce is a brand new technology based company operating in the media environment. Founded by proven entrepreneurs with an outstanding record of success, our mission is to change the way in which people interact with and consume video entertainment.

We are looking for a diverse crop of dedicated and talented people, who want to help shape our company and bring the potential of our product to life. The people that work on this project are spread globally and all have a strong sense of mission and purpose around this project.

Senior Interaction Designer

In your role as Senior Interaction Designer you will be responsible for the creative and functional integrity of a multitude of web concepts with target audience's world wide. We expect you to be multi-disciplinary in the fields of creative and functional designing, visual designing as well as experienced in animation designs. You will need to oversee and contribute in web development and the development of several interacting components, connecting several front-end applications with our publishing framework, creating a sound and dynamic environment that contributes to an intense user-experience with all of our viewers, suppliers, partners and our in-house staff world wide.

You will be in charge of a team of experts based in Leiden and work together with development teams across Europe to create a new type of High quality Internet service with a dynamic user experience. You will be responsible for the development of one of the largest and fast-growing, personalized Internet communities world wide, and also for the safeguard of our visual and conceptual identity in your designs.

Together with our marketing team you are responsible for the global integrity of our brand through every communication over the Internet.


  • Work closely with other interaction designers, product managers, usability experts, graphics designers and software developers to create interactive applications for TV and other entertainment platforms.
  • Utilize user-centered design methodologies to create robust products that deliver best-of-class user experiences
  • Develop detailed design documentation including use cases, storyboards, wireframes and detailed description of interactions
  • Apply knowledge of current issues, trends and capabilities in the field of human computer interaction design to arrive at innovative approaches to solving usability challenges
  • Contribute to the continual development of user interface design requirements

Job Requirements:

  • Master's degree in computer science, cognitive psychology, or human factors
  • Minimum 5 years professional experience in user interface design
  • Experience with the UI development process and user-centered design
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Mature, self-motivated and able to work well independently and in a group environment
  • Promote a high quality standard of work
  • Willing to travel abroad
  • Good English speaking, reading and writing
  • Be best of breed

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Experience with usability testing
  • Experience with UI prototyping
  • Strong analytical background
  • Technical leadership or management experience
  • Strong understanding of interactive web-based applications

Technical skills:

  • XHTML/CSS (hand-coding)
  • WCAG, and supporting W3c recommendations
  • Javascript/AJAX
  • Java, Python, PHP
  • SVG
  • Macromedia Flash Actionscript

Design skills:

  • Creative Suite CS
  • Macromedia Flash


Please send your application with reference number SED001 to jobs@theveniceproject.com, Attn. Jeroen Boomgaard, Human resources Manager.

Received: 17-Oct-06