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Senior User Experience Manager
Chicago, IL, USA

Major responsibilities/Project:

This new position represents an opportunity to play a leading role in the evolution of a major consumer-facing website. You will own and manage the user-experience of the Cars.com homepage, major index pages and landing pages, as well as the overall information architecture for the website. In this role you will:

  • Collaborate with teams of product-managers, UX managers, designers and front-end developers to produce first-class consumer-facing web pages and interfaces that elegantly marry consumer, advertiser and business goals.
  • Plan, organize and execute user-centered projects of all sizes, from routine targeted enhancements to a site-wide redesign.
  • Commission and help execute user research that adds certainty to product development; help develop repeatable methodologies for uncovering and reacting to user insights and behaviors.
  • Gather and define UX requirements, including definition of information architecture, use cases and front-end functionality.
  • Develop and maintain a program for effectively managing homepage and index page content promotion.
  • Develop and use agile methods for continually evolving and optimizing homepage and index pages.
  • Own and manage site information architecture including headers, footers and sitemap; promote improvements to enhance usability and findability.

Previous Experience:

This leadership position requires extensive, demonstrable experience leading and executing the IA and UX development of highly intuitive, consumer-facing websites. Some experience with complex, large-scale sites is preferred.

The ideal candidate will have several years of broad, progressively responsible experience developing smart solutions to all manner of user challenges, interface issues and business goals. You will have a proven track record of improving people, products and processes.

Appropriate candidates will consider their college degree merely the beginning of a life-long process of professional development and learning.

Necessary Skills, Abilities and other Qualities:

  • Possesses a natural knack for giving an audience the most important information in the most useful way;
  • Is a first-class information architect with faculties to understand and organize a complex site with broad user and business goals;
  • Constantly considers the usability of all things, and finds ways to adapt lessons from elsewhere to solve problems on the job;
  • Possesses a big box of tools to gather, define and refine rock-solid requirements that help project teams work efficiently to realize your well-reasoned UX vision;
  • Produces professional, production-ready site labels and text that work for users;
  • Is broadly experienced and comfortable wearing many hats, from leading a brainstorm with peers to selling a new homepage design to senior management;
  • Has an early-adopter mentality constantly on lookout for new and better ways to simplify an increasing complex and information-rich world with technology and design solutions;
  • Demonstrates a natural ability to inspire, lead and coach;
  • Maintains solid grasp of latest UX, interface and web-development best practices;
  • Is adaptable to learning and applying new processes and technology;
  • Has highly developed creative problem solving skills, superb judgment and uncommon attention to detail.

TO APPLY: Please submit resumes to cvrecruiter@classifiedventures.com

Received: 19-Sep-07



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