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Usability Specialist
Boise, ID, USA

KOHL Group Job Description #: KR121504_HFE
Arrangement: 10 to 12 month contract position
Location: On client site in Boise ID (must work on client's site fulltime)
Start: 1/5/05

Job Description:

Coordinate usability tests (internal and external) as assigned by the CLIENT Designated Contact to include test planning, coordination of videotaping, test administration and logging of issues, gratuity management, and results reporting. Provide weekly time tracking reports to CLIENT in the format required by the CLIENT Designated Contact. Develop screeners to recruit appropriate test participants and review screeners with the responsible recruiting personnel.

Job Performance Expectations:

  • Meet with the CLIENT Designated Contact and/or HFE to review profiles and recruiting objectives for each test and participate in screener development
  • Keep updated, to CLIENT standards, on test methodologies
  • Communicate with the CLIENT Point of Contact regarding upcoming tests and schedule
  • Oversee quality assurance of usability specialist deliverables
  • Learn and use tools supported by CLIENT in its usability lab
  • Work with HFEs, as necessary, to design tests; including: tasks, objectives, screener development, equipment requirements, assignments, etc
  • Coordinate schedule with the CLIENT laboratory scheduler
  • Work with the HFEs to understand test methodology
  • Apply usability metrics to usability tests so that each test can be compared to other similar tests or to the same product over time
  • Tally the issues after each test session (as time permits)
  • Prepare task lists or, at least, review lists prepared by HFEs
  • Create, distribute and monitor test schedules including setup, alternate test dates, usability issues meeting, and follow up meeting
  • Create a test preparation checklist to make sure all equipment and supporting staff are prepared for upcoming tests
  • Prepare test materials including subject brief, test files for computer, between subjects checklist, print media, and lab computer preparation
  • Make sure the lab and observation room is properly setup for each test, including audio and visual technician
  • Coordinate camera setup and videotape creation and/or duplication with video equipment
  • Lead dry run using project team to complete tasks that will be performed during the test on the equipment that will be used
  • Communicate usability test schedule to the CLIENT lobby receptionist and provide the lobby receptionist with subject names, the dates and times of tests, and the name and phone numbers of appropriate contact persons
  • Greet usability test participants and have them sign nondisclosure forms
  • Set out sign-in sheet for observers
  • Facilitate participation and control of observers
  • Log observations made during evaluations using data collection tools
  • Direct camera operator during tests to capture appropriate shots
  • Track solutions identified by participants and observers for later evaluation
  • Interact with usability test participants for clarification and details
  • Administer test survey to usability test participants
  • Prepare the formal draft report and place the prepared content into an CLIENT provided template
  • Prepare the content for only the Results section and the Appendices of the Usability Test Report (The responsible HFE will prepare all other sections.)
  • Deliver gratuity checks to participants, obtain signature of receipt, and return any unpaid checks to Supplier
  • Coordinate removal of test equipment and other items from the laboratory area
  • Ensure laboratory is clean and ready for the next evaluation
  • Prepare and distribute usability issues list from evaluations
  • Meet with HFEs and design teams to prioritize issues and brainstorm possible solutions or alternatives and identify persons that will be responsible for each issue (The usability specialist is responsible for making sure the information is captured in the final report.)
  • Archive all test materials including issues list and video session for future reference
  • Create customer visit packets with required supplies according to the HFEs

Usability Testing is defined as, but not limited to, usability test coordination, usability test recruitment (internal and external), usability test planning, administration and reporting, gratuity management, participation in and coordination of video taping and duplication, and logging issues during usability inspection.

Coordination meetings for upcoming tests should be initiated by the responsible HFE at least three weeks in advance of the first day of testing. Screeners should be created no later than two weeks before the first day of testing to allow adequate time for recruiting. Test dry runs should be coordinated with systems integration testing and conducted a week prior to the first day of testing to identify bugs and allow adequate time for debugging.

Issue lists should be available within three working days after the end of the test. The exact schedule of the issues list meeting will be subject to the availability of the design team. The final report with owners and priorities should be distributed within two weeks after the issues list meeting. The schedule for each individual may be subject to change depending on the needs of the test. Non-typical tests may require additional time to recruit (i.e. large number of tests, unique qualifications, etc).

Skills/Knowledge Qualifications:

  • B.A. or B.S. in relevant field preferred, e.g. Human Factors, Experimental Psychology, or Social Services
  • Professional experience through internships or applied design coursework
  • Familiarity with current research methodology, which may include: Usability Testing, Focus Group facilitation, Market Research Surveys, Statistics, Contextual Inquiry Test design and metrics
  • Experience working with groups with various disciplinary backgrounds
  • Basic working knowledge of personal computers and printers
  • Understanding of usability testing process
  • Ability to foster an ongoing open line of communication with CLIENT to assure quick resolution of issues and to keep those with any concerns informed


If you are interested and qualified, please email your current resume to JPGLEASON@KOHLGROUP.COM.

Received: 15-Dec-04