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Human Factors Engineer
Boise, ID, USA

KOHL Group Job Description # KR10078_HFE Boise
Arrangement: 1 year contract assignment
Location: Work must be done on-site in Boise ID (full time)
Start: ASAP

Job Description:

The Human Factor Engineer Contractor (HFE) will provide specific support for midrange single function products. Human Factor support is defined by, but not limited to product definition and customer requirements development through user needs assessment, prototyping, task analysis, product evaluation and inspection, usability testing, participation in usability team meetings and product design reviews. The HFE support will include product specific development for design and written specification for the user interface to be implemented into the product. The HFE will also provide product designers and process engineers with technical information and design solutions using human factors engineering principles. In addition, the HFE will assist with the integration of these ergonomic principles in product software/hardware design in the early stages of development. The HFE will also perform task analysis and customer user requirements studies to generate new product concepts and hardware/software user interface requirements and design solutions. Lastly, the HFE will work with designers to develop a basic framework for each product usability study.


Requires a Master's degree or equivalent in a human factors related discipline (Engineering/ Computer Science/ Psychology/). Ability to prototype user interface concepts and in-depth knowledge of hardware/software design, user-centered design process, usability evaluation techniques, perception, cognition, experimentation, and statistics. Ability to work in cross-functional and cultural teams and to communicate and evangelize ideas. Demonstrated knowledge of human factors principles relevant to software/hardware user interface. Ability to do rapid prototyping.


Proven experience (2-5 years) in all aspects of the product life cycle including contextual inquiry, product design, usability testing, and product release.

If you are available and interested, please email your current resume to jpgleason@kohlgroup.com at your earliest convenience.

Received: 08-Sep-04



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