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Senior Ethnographer/Evangelist
Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, WA, USA

Do you want to make people's lives better by applying your skills to create world class applications? Do you want to be a key player in a community that is leading the industry in designing compelling and useful user experiences? The role of the ethnographic thought leader is to introduce state-of-the-art ethnographic methods to understand server customers and users, and to make sure the information obtained results in more successful and higher quality products. You will need to understand the goals and objectives of the server organization, to reflect those goals in the shape and direction of the program, and to use metrics of success to drive improvements. You will apply ethnographic techniques to innovate in user understanding and the process of shaping user experiences, and your role will extend throughout Microsoft.

You will provide thought leadership in our ability to understand users and customers in context and to turn that understanding into action. You will help build a culture that is able to collect and analyze the relevant data and to turn it into compelling, useful, and successful products. It is expected that your work growing the effectiveness of Microsoft's understanding of users and innovating in methods will significantly enhance Microsoft's reputation within the industry and professional communities. Externally and internally you will be expected to make significant and relevant research contributions to the fields of user understanding, design, and product planning.

Qualifications include: a minimum of 10 years of demonstrated experience as a thought leader in applying ethnographic research techniques to product design (especially software), and successfully innovating in new approaches to derive the benefits from a deep understanding of the user and their context throughout the product development cycle. The successful candidate will not only need to be able to serve as a thought leader, but will also need to be able to design and lead field studies, usability tests and other forms of user research. They will need to have demonstrated a deep knowledge of the field of human-computer interaction; research design skills in ethnography, experimental design and observational methods; an ability to communicate and argue for research results, methods and approaches, orally and in writing; and the ability to make group presentations. They should have established a strong professional reputation for innovation and impact (through publication and presentations) as well. Proven ability to work effectively in a large, multi-function organization is essential. Knowledge of or a desire to take on the challenges of server applications is highly desirable. Knowledge of the Windows user interface design guidelines and experience with interaction design is highly desired. An advanced degree in anthropology or related field is preferred.


Arnie Lund
425-706-8891 (W)
425-246-1654 (Mobile)

Received: 10-Mar-03



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