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Information Architects / User Experience Designers
Philadelphia, PA, USA

MissionStaff's Philadelphia client is looking for add two senior level Information Architects/User Experience Designers to their team. The Information Architect will be part of our client's Internet online group responsible for converging customers' needs and business goals into great experiences delivered through their public-facing website. The IA will work with the Information Architecture and Usability team to create innovative design solutions with proven techniques, build the information architecture practice internally and lead the design of great customer experiences.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Ability to translate business goals into UI requirements; understanding of business strategy and values, good grasp of metrics associated with UI performance, ability to extract relevant information from stakeholders, competence communicating with a multi-disciplinary team and leadership to drive the project vision to the extended team throughout the design process
  • Ability to translate user data into actionable information; experience with user research methods used to gather qualitative and quantitative data: contextual inquiry, market segmentation analysis, persona development, usage log analysis, scenario development and task analysis, etc and practice in evaluating features and requirements on a value basis using user research as underlying reasoning
  • Ability to design and communicate information architecture decisions; talent to converge business goals and user needs into a conceptual framework that defines the user experience and convey its structure and behavior through context-relevant software-agnostic deliverables
  • Ability to test and iterate design solutions; experience planning, conducting, analyzing and reporting formal and informal end-user testing, utilizing prototypes (rough drafts and sketches, paper prototypes, working prototypes) and live versions
  • Passion for the information architecture practice; knowledge and commitment to tutor other team members, interest in exploring new directions for information architecture (Enterprise IA, Folksonomies, Rich Apps, etc) and involvement and contribution to the information architecture community
  • Experience handling non-design issues; ability to delegate tasks, manage time and deadlines, resolve everyday problems (deliverable exchange, formats, fonts, printing) and wisdom to ask for help when needed
  • Creativity and resourcefulness; ability to self-motivate and remain enthusiastic in face of adversity, constant pursual of better methods and processes, and persistence in growing and improving oneself
  • 5+ years experience leading the IA/UX component of at least 3 large-scale web projects, degree in a related field, such as HCI, business, design, library or cognitive science

For more information, please contact:

Meg Metz
(215) 545-1600

Received: 19-Dec-07



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