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SIGCHI Bulletin

SIGCHI Bulletin is the newsletter of ACM SIGCHI.

SIGCHI Bulletin started its life in 1969 as SIGSOC Bulletin, the newsletter of SIGSOC (Special Interest Group on Social and Behavioral Computing). In June 1982, SIGSOC changed its name to SIGCHI (Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction). The first issue of the SIGCHI Bulletin published in July 1982 was Volume 14, Number 1.

The SIGSOC Bulletin and later the SIGCHI Bulletin was published on a cycle from July to March. In 1991 this was changed to the more common cycle from January to October. For this reason Volume 22, 1990 has only two issues.

Since July 2000 the SIGCHI Bulletin is no longer an independent publication but a supplement to the magazine interactions. The supplement is only distributed to members of ACM SIGCHI, who receive interactions as part of their membership, and not to other subscribers to interactions.

The last print issue of the SIGCHI Bulletin was May/June 2003. The SIGCHI Bulletin continues its life as on online-only newsletter.

SIGCHI Bulletin has had a steady set of editors:

  • 14.1 (Jul 82) - 16.4 (Apr 85): Ann Janda
  • 17.1 (Jul 85): Lorraine Borman (acting)
  • 17.2 (Oct 85) - 22.1 (Jul 90): Peter Orbeton
  • 22.2 (Oct 90) - 25.4 (Oct 93) Bill Hefley
  • 26.1 (Jan 94) - 30.4 (Oct 98): Steven Pemberton
  • 31.1 (Jan 99) - 31.3 (Jul 99): Ayman Mukerji (guest editor)
  • 31.4 (Oct 99) - May/June 2003: Joseph Konstan
  • July/August 2003 - present: Jonathan Arnowitz
Type: Newsletter
Periodicity: Bimonthly since July 2000, quarterly since 1969
Web: http://www.sigchi.org/bulletin/
Contains partial issues for 1994-1995, full issues since 1996.
Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

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