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Mensch & Computer

Mensch & Computer (Human and Computer) is the German HCI conference. It has been held annually since 2001. It succeeded the biennial Software-Ergonomie conference held from 1983 to 1999.

The conference is sponsored by the German Chapter of the ACM and GI Fachbereich Mensch-Computer-Interaktion (FB MCI) (Section on Human-Computer-Interaction).

For more information on past, present and future conferences, visit the Mensch & Computer conference website at http://www.mensch-und-computer.de/.

Mensch & Computer 2006
Mensch und Computer im StrukturWandel
September 3-6, 2006, Gelsenkirchen-Buer, Deutschland

Mensch & Computer 2005
Kunst und Wissenschaft: Grenzüberschreitung der interaktiven ART
September 4-7, 2005, Linz, Österreich

Mensch & Computer 2004
Allgegenwärtige Interaktion
September 5-8, 2004, Paderborn, Germany
Proceedings: Keil-Slawik et al., 2004

Mensch & Computer 2003
Interaktion in Bewegung
September 7-9, 2003, Stuttgart, Germany
Proceedings: Szwillus & Ziegler, 2003

Mensch & Computer 2002
Incorporating D-CSCW 2002 and D-CSCL 2002
Vom interaktiven Werkzeug zu kooperativen Arbeits- und Lernwelten
September 2-5, 2002, Hamburg, Germany
Proceedings: Herczeg et al., 2002

Mensch & Computer 2001
March 5-8, 2001, Bad Honnef, Germany
Proceedings: Oberquelle et al., 2001



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